6 Simple Things You Can Do to Become More Positive Today

We all know that you need to have a positive attitude towards anything and that is how you can achieve more.

According to studies with the optimistic mindset, you can improve your mental and your physical health.With positivism, you can boost the vibration inside, and that will make to feel like you are ready to conquer the world.

However, the fact is that staying with positive and optimistic mindset is not always that easy. There are times when you can encounter to negative people and challenges.

But you can also solve that, you just need to train your mind to be optimistic even is situations like the ones above mentioned.

6 Tips for Positive Mindset

1. Give to Receive

Being kind is not only good for others, but a simple small act of kindness can also help you to feel better about yourself. It doesn’t have to be something significant or unique. Even a small favor can make a positive mindset and will make you stop with the negative thoughts.

You should try to make that as your ritual, so every time you feel down and bad about yourself, you can simply try to help someone. For sure that can help you to feel better.

2. Subconscious Retraining

There are modern techniques that can help you release and uncover the negativity inside.

The past experiences like those you had as a child can stay in your body and minds with years, and if there are some bad experiences and memories, sometimes they can drag you down in a dark and negative mindset.

As soon as you get into that world of negativity, you need to get out. There are ways that can help you to solve this. You can try hypnotherapy, for some people that actually works.

You can do exercises like neuro-linguistic programming and tapping. That can help you to approach parts of yourself and instead of escaping to build an affirmative, supportive and strong belief system.

That can help you to reinforce and create new synapses like those in your prefrontal cortex.

You can try different things and stick with the one that you found to be the most suitable for you. The crucial thing you need to do is to face with wounds from the past and learn how to let them go.

That is how you can maintain a positive mindset.

3. Turn Negative Into Positive

In any situation that is challenging and difficult, what you can do is to make your brain to always see the bright side of things.

First, you need to do it yourself. When you are in a difficult situation, instead of feeling down and helpless stand for a while, take a moment, breathe and think about the positive aspects that might occur from every situation.


When things simply do not work out the way you imagined or wanted, you should bear in mind that maybe the Universe has better plans for you. Maybe you can do more; you are meant to do something greater, more challenging for you as a person.

Often we are not aware just how capable and brave a person can be when in tough situation.

When you encounter  the first hard thing, remember to not view yourself as a failure and like you are worthless, instead, try to think of how every situation you are in can make you grow as a person.

For example, if you didn’t make it to that second date or you didn’t get called back after your job interview take that as a positive thing. You can have more time for yourself and you are meant for something else.

With time, your brain will start automatically to process these thoughts, and with the positive view, you will attract only positivity in your life.

4. Take Care of  Your Body

Yes, your lifestyle can have a huge effect on your mindset. According to one  research what you drink and eat can affect your state as well as whether you sleep well and exercise. In order to think positive, you need to feel positive.

Take a second, honestly look at the way you treat yourself, your body and the way you see things. Find out where and how you can make improvements.

Your diet is crucial; you need to receive the needed nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. You need to improve your food intake in order to improve your health and mindset.

There are links between anxiety and depression with vitamin deficiencies. You need to have enough and proper sleep.

If you do not get the needed 8 hours at night that can make you cranky and can raise your negative attitude and might cause anger.

Treat your physical parts better, and your emotional and mental parts will award you.

5. Focus On What Makes You Happy To Be Alive

You should focus on the things that inspire you and bring you the joy, that is how your brain will stay positive.

You can even have and maintain a notebook for this. What you can do is record 5 things every morning that you are grateful about and that bring you joy.

You can also include things about yourself that you are proud of, things that make you confident, the things in the world that inspire you like places, people, and your family.

When you pay attention to things that bring you joy, the neural pathways that are associated in your brain will become stronger, and that will lead to a happy feeling.

6. Set Aside Specific Time For What You Love

Nowadays, everyone has a busy life with work and  with different kind of chores. And while we try to achieve everything in the house and at work and do our best we somehow seem to forget about ourselves.

Yes if we do our best at work and at home we will achieve success and be proud. But, what about now? Don’t you need to enjoy while achieving great things in life?

When we do not make time for ourselves, we become negative and depressive.

Start to make boundaries and at least one hour of your day spend it on yourself. Do it just for you. Sometimes you will need to say no and neglect other things in order to have this time for yourself.

But, bear in mind that by saying no, for the first time you won’t be neglecting yourself.

You only live once, so what is one hour in a day. Nothing, right? You deserve it, so just enjoy.


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