Elderberry can totally eliminate cold and flu symptoms ‘within 48 hours’

It is highly recommended that you include elderberry syrup in your medicine cabinet this winter. Accirding to studies, this syrup has the ability to fight off cold and flu in just 48 hours.

Elderberries have powrerful immune-boosting properties, as shown in a number of studies.

Furthermore, many studies conducted in 2004 and 2009 have shown that this herb is able to decrease the duration of flu in half and in some cases totally eliminate the symptoms in just 48 hours. Also, a study from 2016 has found that berry has simmilar beneficial effects on cold.

The study from 2004, published in the Journal of International Medical Research, has found that when elderberry extract is applied in 48 hours after the first experienced symptoms of the influenza A or B virus, it has the ability to shorten the endurance of the symptoms by four days on average.


The study participants were given 15 ml of elderberry syrup four times per day in a period of 5 days.

Furthermore, in a research from 2009, published in the Online Journal of Pharmacology, patients with H1N1 and avian flu received 175 milligrams of elderberry extract four times a day.

A group of patients who received placebo had no improvement or even experienced worsening of the symptoms of flu, on the other hand, those who were given the elderberry extract “showed significant improvement within 24 hours.”

The results showed an amazing decrease of headache, fever, nasal congestion and muscle ache in just 24 hours.

“Within 48 hours of treatment, nearly 90% of the elderberry extract treated patients were either symptom free or had only mild symptoms,” write the scientists.

A study from 2016, published in Nutrients , found that elderberry is able to decrease the duration of cold in air passengers.

People who travel constantly and use this herb 10 days before travel until four-five days of arrival overseas had two days shorter duration of cold and fly symptoms


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