This Plant Can Heal And Regenerate Your Cells From Toe To Head, Combat Anemia, Diabetes, Arthritis, Protect Liver And More!

In addition to being useful for anemia, to reduce the effects of stress in our body, and for diseases related to excess uric acid such as gout.
Benefits of Green Nettle. One of the main health benefits of green nettle is that it helps lower blood cholesterol levels.

This plant also : Protect Liver, The digestive system. Accelerating the metabolism. Increased intestinal peristalsis. Thanks to its high chlorophyll content, it improves blood circulation, preventing the formation of atheromas on the arterial walls,

It also favors the elimination of accumulated liquids, toxins and waste from the body. Uses of the Green Nettle: To stimulate the digestive system, Protect the liver, favoring bile production And stimulating digestions, To stop diarrhea. To stop bleeding and prevent uncontrolled blood flow, It is used for nosebleeds, hemophilia and menopausal disorders, For the treatment of arteriosclerosis, To improve blood circulation. Olso too combat diabetes, for anemia, To increase the flow of milk in infants, For prostatic hypertrophy, For diseases related to excess uric acid, Stones in the kidney, gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism … etc.,


To reduce depressive episodes in Alzheimer’s sufferers

For impotence. Externally, the green nettle is used. In the care of the skin, removes imperfections such as pimples,
herpes eczema, redness, acne. To regenerate the scalp and combat problems related to hair such as: Dandruff, Seborrhea, Hair Loss, To lessen the pain of sciatica.

How to Prepare Nettle Infusion Ingredients: 3 teaspoons of dried leaves of nettle, half a liter of water.

Preparation and Use: Bring the water to a boil. Place the nettle leaves in a teapot. Pour the boiling water over the nettle leaves and lid. Let it rest for 10 minutes, filter and drink.

In addition, to drink the infusion of green nettle, you can prepare a drink of nettle or juice with its leaves. To do this, place 2 cups of fresh nettle leaves plus 3 glasses of water and process them with the blender. Filter and enjoy this nutritious green nettle juice. Surely you did not know all these benefits that we mentioned here, because thanks to this powerful plant, you can benefit too.


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